Lyme disease ‘valid’, NSW govt criticised

Newcastle GP Dr Peter Mayne has told MO there is “no doubt whatsoever” that his patient Laura France, 6, has the tick-borne illness after she underwent testing in “superior” laboratories in the US.

He said NSW Health was failing to interpret “extraordinarily valid” US research showing the disease can be caught domestically.

With no state funding for the girl’s care, her parents have been forced to foot a $2000 monthly bill for antimalarials, antibiotics and herbal remedies.

“There’s no doubt about it being true that Laura caught the disease in Australia,” Dr Mayne told MO.

However, NSW Health maintained while it could not rule out Lyme disease being caught in Australia, the evidence was not yet conclusive.

“Maybe Lyme disease is here but at the moment we don’t have evidence,” NSW Health director of health protection Dr Jeremy McAnulty said. “We