Mandatory notifications leap in Qld, NT and ACT

In its second annual report, made public yesterday, the national regulator reported a 38% jump in mandatory notifications across all states but NSW – for which 2010-2011 figures were not available – from 428 to 589 in the year to June 30.

Including NSW, total mandatory reports against health practitioners totalled 775 during the 2011–12 financial year.

Nurses were the most reported profession with 54% of mandatory notifications, followed by medical practitioners at 28%. Psychologists accounted for 6% of mandatory notifications.

The biggest increase in mandatory reports came in Queensland where notifications almost tripled from 85 to 229 in just one year.

Mandatory reports also rose in ACT from seven to 23 and in NT from three to 13.

“While it is not clear why this is the case, AHPRA and the national boards will continue to monitor this closely,” the report said of the rise in mandatory reports in