Mandatory reporting rules work and are here to stay, AHPRA says

The regulator’s annual report, released last week, showed that of the 379 mandatory reports for which preliminary assessments were completed in 2010–11, just 64 were dismissed at the first hurdle.

Of those accepted, 219 were referred for investigation, 63 referred for health assessment, and 11 warranted “immediate action”. 

“The data indicate that mandatory reporting is bringing before the board serious matters that warrant board attention,” an AHPRA spokesperson said. 

“There is no evidence that mandatory notification requirements are encouraging inappropriate or mischievous reporting.”

However, Dr Sara Bird, manager of medicolegal and advisory services at MDA National, questioned whether the figures showed the rules were working. 

She said the dismissal of 16.4% of mandatory notifications suggested “that either practitioners do not fully understand their