Medical board chief defends AHPRA registration bungles

MEDICAL Board of Australia (MBA) chair Dr Joanna Flynn has argued the transition to a national registration scheme may not have gone ahead at all if it had been delayed another 12 months in order to remove the bugs.

While sympathising with doctors who had been left unregistered by AHPRA, Dr Flynn said the move to national registration was a huge and vital step for Australian healthcare that could not have been achieved without some problems.

“We were never going to be well enough prepared; there were always going to be issues,” she said. “Some people argued the implementation should have been delayed another year, but if they had waited another year, the scheme may never have got up.” 

Her comments followed a blunt assessment from the AMA of the agency’s handling of health practitioner registration in its submission to the ongoing Senate inquiry into the transition to a national scheme. 

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