Medical students now selected on EQ as well as IQ

Bond University is using psychometric testing to evaluate kindness and communication skills

Bond University has become the first medical school to not only assess the academic skills of their med student hopefuls but their emotional intelligence as well. 

The result so far is a cohort that has a slightly wider academic spread, but also one that “feels different”, according to the university’s Dean of Medicine Professor Kirsty Forrest.

The first intake of students selected in part for their emotional intelligence scores started their degrees at the full fee-paying Gold Coast university in May.

Professor Forrest says the move has "diversified" the student cohort.

"They are still in the top five per cent of the population academically, but anecdotally our experienced interviewers are saying they 'feel different'," Professor Forrest says. 

"When waiting to be debriefed following the interviews, this group was chatting and lively, compared with