Medicare means test and co-payment have public support

The Coalition leads Labor 51% to 49% in the poll published by Fairfax on Monday, down 1% from February, with Tony Abbott remaining as preferred prime minister with 48% support versus 43% for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Despite the Labor campaign against the possible introduction of a $6 GP co-payment, the poll provided a boost for government indications of a tough budget in May, with 52% backing a means test for bulk-billing and 49% supporting the introduction of a $6 co-payment.

Professor Andrew Wilson, director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy at the University of Sydney, said that until there was a clear proposal as to what the co-payment would mean for both the health system and patients, voters cannot make a judgement on how it would impact them.

“We are currently asking opinion on something that there is no firm statement yet on what it would include,” Professor Wilson told MO.

“The proposal was