Mediscare gets thumbs-up from Liberal senator

Labor’s so-called Mediscare campaign – dismissed as lies by opponents – has been dubbed “fabulous” by a Coalition senator.

David Johnston (pictured), a WA Liberal who is set to lose his seat as the election count continues, claimed the Opposition had performed magnificently on the hustings, even though the government could boast that bulk-billing levels for GP services were at an all-time high.

"It was a fabulous campaign from Labor," he told ABC Radio on Monday.

"Malcolm [Turnbull] played the honourable nice guy — 'we're above politics, we're good people'. Well, I'm sorry, people's attitudes regarding politicians are not that.

"The bottom line in this is, if you're not running a scare campaign, if you're not telling people how bad the other side is, you're grist in the mill and Labor did it magnificently.”

He added: "Privatisation with&nbsp