Meet the new 'Just a GP' podcasters

Dr Ashlea Broomfield and Dr Charlotte Hespe are two of the trio behind the Aussie podcast

More than two years ago, social media lit up with the hashtag #JustAGP in response to then-health-minister Sussan Ley’s comments on so-called “low-value” GP services. 

The phrase has endured longer than Ms Ley’s ministerial tenure and has now been taken up by three Australian GPs as the title for their new podcast.

The GPs are Dr Ashlea Broomfield, Dr Rebekah Hoffman and Dr Charlotte Hespe (chair of the RACGP board and immediate past vice-president).

Despite the college connection, this is a casual, unedited affair that will detour into who’s struggling to find a babysitter this weekend.

But it also covers the big issues in medicine such as burnout, leadership and the business perspective.

Given the medical podcasting world is a bit male-dominated, it is refreshing to tune into three female voices. 

Two of the GP-trio told 6minutes' sister