Melbourne killer found guilty after pharmacy confession

A Melbourne man who walked into a pharmacy and told staff he was on the drug ice and had just killed his mate has been found guilty of murder.

A Supreme Court jury found Hugh William Brown guilty of murdering his housemate and best friend, Steven Warlond, 43, at the Port Melbourne unit they shared on June 17 last year.

The jury heard the pair injected ice and stayed awake watching Xbox before a dispute the next day during which Brown stabbed Mr Warlond with a butcher's knife.

After the stabbing, Brown went to a pharmacy and told the store assistant: "Excuse me, I'm on ice and I just killed my mate. I swear on my daughter I did."

A witness, Elizabeth Erasmus, told the jury she was on the phone to Warlond when he let out a roaring scream prosecutors alleged was the sound of him being murdered.

Ms Erasmus said he sounded drunk or maybe on drugs and it was hard to make out his