Metformin shortage worsens

Four products added to TGA website

The shortage of extended-release metformin is worsening, with four more products being added to the TGA website.

Metformin shortage worsens

The products are listed as unavailable until mid to late of February due to an unexpected increase in demand.

In total, eleven metformin products are in shortage:

  • Metex XR 500 mg (Arrow Pharmacy)
  • Metex XR 1000 mg (Arrow Pharmacy)
  • Metformin XR 500 (Apotex)
  • Blooms the Chemist metformin XR 500 (Apotex)
  • Blooms the Chemist metformin XR 1000 (Apotex)
  • Apo-metformin XR 500 (Apotex)
  • Apo-metformin XR 1000 (Apotex)
  • Diabex metformin 500 (Alphapharm)
  • Diabex XR metformin 1000 (Alphapharm)
  • Diaformin XR 500 (Alphapharm)
  • Diaformin XR 1000 (Alphapharm)