More on the 5:2 'fast' diet

“My wife said I was beginning to disappear,” said Dr Michael Mosley, who is in Australia for the launch of a series on pay TV’s BBC Knowledge channel.

The UK doctor and television celebrity developed the diet while researching a drug-free way to control his diabetes.

After some gruelling experiments with strict fasting regimes he came up with the popular 5:2 diet, the subject of the documentary Eat, Fast And Live Longer, which will be screened in Australia in October.

He has also co-written a best-selling book, The Fast Diet, in which people eat normally for five days of the week and restrict their calories for two non-consecutive days.

Dr Mosley said he lost 12kg, no longer has diabetes and has reduced his cholesterol. He also no longer snores.
The diet works because it is simple, logical and not too challenging, he said.

In a similar way to the feast and famine lifestyle of cavemen, it