More support needed to keep rurally trained GPs in the bush

GENERAL practices that take the time to train GP registrars could be securing their own future, according to new research, but more support is needed to keep rurally trained GPs in the bush long term. 

Studies from two regional training providers (RTPs), presented at the GPET Convention, indicate junior doctors tend to continue working in areas where they are trained.

However, for many IMGs who trained in rural and regional Australia, a lack of cultural support meant they sought urban practices as soon as they could.

GP educator Dr Caroline Laurence of SA-based RTP Adelaide to Outback, said two surveys carried out in 2006 and 2009 of 82 alumni showed 75% had remained in the training region and 61% continued to work in Adelaide to Outback training practices.

“One reason practices participate in GP training is to encourage young doctors to work in those practices later on, and from that perspective these results are very