Mother sentenced after following naturopath's advice

A mother whose baby nearly died of starvation after she began following a naturopath's water-only diet has avoided imprisonment, with a magistrate handing her a suspended sentence of 14 months.

The woman, a university-trained midwife at a Sydney hospital, was given a 14-month good behaviour bond at Campbelltown Local Court on Wednesday.

Magistrate Ian Guy also lifted a strict apprehended violence order (AVO) which had denied the woman unsupervised access to the now two-year-old son since he was admitted to Westmead Hospital on the brink of death in May 2015.

"The case against the defendant demonstrates a serious example against her training and against the telltale signs which would have been blindingly obvious to anyone," Mr Guy said.

"I accept she was following advice.That does not mean that she was somehow seduced, tranced into blindly following."