Much longer to last?

DR Jack Vaisman (PhD) isn’t going down without a fight. With the full weight of the Australian Competition and Consumer Com­mission (ACCC) bearing down upon him, and his company in voluntary administration, the veteran of 17 years in the sexual health industry believes he will emerge victorious. 

If the ACCC wants to have a big case then, he says, “let them – let them have the big case. We will fight [it] off, definitely”. 

But the allegations against the controversial impotence treatment firm, the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and its CEO, Dr Vaisman, are serious and the company’s financial future is on shaky ground.

The ACCC is accusing the company of “unconscionable conduct” from 2008 to 2010. In its statement of claim lodged in the Federal Court, the ACCC says AMI Australia used “unfair tactics and undue pressure” to sell its products and put its own commercial interests ahead