Music makes nice change for medicos

DR PHILLIP Antippa may be a well-respected cardio-thoracic surgeon and director of the Corpus Medicorum orchestra, but even he has to suffer the slings and arrows that come with playing the viola.

“Trombone players used to cop a bit of ridicule in orchestral circles,” he laughed. “But these days the viola players do. Of course, viola players tend to take the mickey out of the wind section, in turn.”

A little good-natured ribbing is all part of the fun when the musical medicos of the Australian Doctors Orchestra get together for the group’s annual concert, which this year is set to take place in Sydney on 18 September.

Dr Antippa, one of about 150 musicians taking part this year said the event was a chance to recharge the batteries for many overworked doctors.

“Sometimes it is nice to be able to forget you’re a doctor for a couple of days and focus on being a musician instead,” he said.