Musical medicos take to the stage

NEWCASTLE GP Dr David Banney remembers starting out in medicine and knowing his true calling was elsewhere.

“I was a little envious of the doctors who I could see had it in their blood,” he told MO. 

“I knew that I felt that way about music but not quite so much about medicine.”

So upon completing his medical degree he embarked on a second degree, in music – conducting, specifically. This time it stuck, though he still works one session per week as a GP. 

“The more music I’ve done, the more I’ve discovered the creative side of medicine,” Dr Banney said. “Music makes me think.”

The fruits of that change in career focus will be on display when Dr Banney leads 60 of NSW’s most musical medicos through a repertoire of fiery orchestral favourites on 29 May.

The NSW Doctors Orchestra will perform works by famed romantics Tchaikovsky, Saint-Sa