My Christmas - Dr Emil Djakic

After a hectic 2011, the AGPN will spend its final year hatching the 43 Medicare Locals (MLs) on top of the existing 19, setting up a new national body to coordinate them, and winding up its own operations after a decade and a half.

“Consolidation of a national organisation and the completion of the project around the 62 Medicare Locals will set the table for what is going to be the focus for primary healthcare in 2012,” Dr Djakic told MO.

 “That table will have plenty of new guests at it. Plenty of old guests are welcome, but they’re just going to have to adjust their palate and appreciate there are some other fine foods on offer,” he said.

Dr Djakic appreciates the enormity of his workload in 2012 but in the meantime hopes to relax at an actual dining table on Christmas Day – or as much as anyone can relax with four children around.

“This year [my practice] will cover the New Year weekend