Mythbuster: Are women as tough as men?

Findings dispel earlier reports that women's bodies are more affected by extreme physical activity

In findings that will come as no surprise to half the world’s population, female expeditioners proved as physically resilient as males in completing a gruelling trek across the Antarctic.

Six members of the UK's Ice Maiden team hauled 80kg sledges over 1700km of ice and snow in two months in early 2018, becoming the first all-female team to complete the Antarctic traverse.

Scottish researchers measured a range of health markers before and after their trek, finding the women experienced no greater health effects than would be expected in men, according to a study presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Glasgow this week.

“Our findings contain some potentially myth-busting data on the impact of extreme physical activity on women,” University of Edinburgh researcher Dr Robert Gifford said in a statement.

“We have shown that with appropriate training and preparation, many of the