New after-hours plan is not reinventing the wheel

BY THE time you read this, the 2011–12 Federal Budget will have been announced and possibly the first round of successful Medicare Locals. Any Budget funding boosts for after-hours services and the July schedule for Medicare Locals will be extremely significant.

Facilitating after-hours services is the first new cab off the rank for Medicare Locals. 

Once established, Medicare Locals will work on bedding down after-hours services for local communities to address priority areas of need. They will do this by enhancing currently available after-hours services or, where needed, establishing new ones.

Through Medicare Locals, Australia’s reformed primary healthcare system will be dedicated to overseeing local community access to after-hours care as well as offering better access to GPs and allied health professionals, all within a system that is more equitable. 

More of the same is not an option for after-hours medical