New mums confused about when to visit GP

The qualitative study of 88 mothers and six GPs, conducted by the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland, showed that advice given to mothers about when to schedule a postpartum visit with their GP varied from five days to 2.5 months.

Women from both the public and private sector were most likely to visit their GP six weeks postpartum for a checkup, usually in conjunction with the baby’s first immunisation.

The authors said that for some women, this was the first health professional contact they had had since being discharged from hospital.

Women who birthed in the public sector were more likely to report having received explicit instructions to see their GP within the first two weeks after birth.

However, the interviews revealed that even women who had shared antenatal care had been given different advice by the GP and hospital about the postpartum check.

“The hospital said one thing and the doctor