New nurse-led clinic ‘destined’ to fail

THE founder of Revive nurse practitioner-led clinics Louise Stewart has defended her newest competitor, SmartClinics, over allegations the practice model is unsafe, but warned it is destined to fail anyway.

SmartClinics opened its first centre in Brisbane’s Chermside Shopping Centre last week, not far from the seven-day-a-week medical centre of AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton, who said SmartClinics would fragment primary healthcare.

“Prescribing medications without knowing a patient’s history and what other medications they might be taking is extremely risky,” he said.

But SmartClinics founder Steven Dahl said the public had already made up its mind on nurse practitioners and “nobody is listening to the AMA”.

“The public sentiment has swayed well and truly to our way of thinking,” Mr Dahl said.

“It’s an insular debate that’s not going to take hold too much in the