Is new prescribing system an unusable clunker?

The PBS online authority system is so bad that only 100 doctors have used it since its July launch.

The system is supposed to save doctors from having to call the authority script hotline to get the green light to prescribe certain drugs.

But the website has proved so difficult to navigate that only 100 prescribers have apparently managed to use the system.

“Unusable”, “laborious”, “time consuming” and “a clunker” are just some of the descriptions used by frustrated GPs.

RACGP e-health network chair Dr Trina Gregory, no stranger to computers, has complained that the difficulty of logging on to the Health Professionals Online Services website is only surpassed by that of finding your way around it.

“I seem to hit walls, and every time I click on something, I get told that it is blocked,” she says.

AMA vice president