Newman's doctor threat 'petrol on a fire'

Campbell Newman has threatened to shop outside Queensland for new doctors, if senior medical officers who work in the state's public hospitals quit rather than sign new work contracts.

Mr Newman has accused a doctors' union of wanting to start a war, after more than 1200 specialists voted unanimously on Wednesday to reject amended contracts offered by the government.

With warnings of mass resignations, the premier says he has a plan B if that occurs.

"If people do choose to resign, we will have in place arrangements to replace those people, and if we have to replace people from interstate or overseas... we shall do that," he told parliament on Thursday.

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said the comments had inflamed an already tense dispute, and he called for cool heads on both sides.

"Tipping petrol on a fire isn't going to get the heat out of it," he told ABC Radio.

"We need some sensible heads, we need some time,