Nitschke puts forward terminal cancer patient as election candidate

Candidates from the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) will add to an increasingly lively ballot due in the coming months, which is also expected to include WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and candidates from mining magnate Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party.

Dr Nitschke, who has unsuccessfully run for a lower house seat in the past, confirmed today that he will campaign for one of the two ACT senate seats.

“People want a real option and want to let politicians know how out of touch they’ve been on this issue,” he said.
“We are looking for vocal support from our federal politicians on law reform on this issue. We know that there is massive public support in the community and we will leverage that support to put voluntary euthanasia on the agenda.”

He said Martin Burgess, 70, who has terminal cancer, would run for the lower house marginal seat of Solomon in Darwin.

Mr Burgess had wanted to go to