Nitschke questioned over double death

Val Seeger, 75, and Claire Parsons, 66, told Dr Nitschke in a letter that they used equipment marketed by Exit International to end their lives in March.

Dr Nitschke said the friends of 25 years decided to take their own lives following Ms Seeger's battle with Alzheimer's disease.

In the letter sent to Dr Nitschke, Ms Parsons said she decided to end her life as she feared a potential police probe after assisting in her ill friend's death.

Dr Nitschke confirmed Victorian police have spoken to him over their deaths.

"Heidelberg police contacted me last week and I've provided them with the details they've requested," Dr Nitschke said.

Victoria Police said detectives are preparing a report for the coroner following the deaths of the two Viewbank women.

Dr Nitschke has an euthanasia advisory clinic in Adelaide and said he is exploring potential sites for a Melbourne clinic.

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