Nitschke wants euthanasia laws back in NT

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a Greens bill that removes the commonwealth's power to get rid of territory laws it disagrees with.

Before the bill was passed, a federal minister or the Cabinet had the right to strike out laws set by the ACT or the NT.

Under the new laws, territory law can now be disallowed only through a vote in the federal parliament.

Dr Nitschke said on the back of the new legislation the NT government should reintroduce its voluntary euthanasia laws.

The laws, introduced in 1995, allowed terminally ill people in the NT to take their own lives, but the legislation was overturned by the federal government led by John Howard in 1997.

"Most Territorians welcomed the change that was brought in 15 years ago and would like to see a similar piece of legislation brought back," Dr Nitschke said.

"I want the Chief Minister, Paul Henderson, to take notice of what the people in the