NSW ML’s transition hampered by feud with Aboriginal Medical Service

Southern General Practice Network (SGPN) CEO Kathryn Stonestreet claims the Katungal Medical Service, with which she was meant to work closely in the NSW south coast region, subjected her organisation to almost continuous freedom of information (FOI) requests for four years, “often for information that was publicly available or for things we had already sent through”.

She said the poor relationship with Katungal – understood to have first deteriorated when the division was allocated some Indigenous health funding – made it difficult to prepare to become an ML and to convince the department of health that  SGPN was fulfilling its duties.

“This did make this whole process difficult,” she told MO. 

“And the issue critical to the development of the Medicare Local was strong engagement with the AMS.”

Katungal was placed in administration late last year after an Office of the Registrar of