NSW whooping cough policy confusing: ALP

Women who get the booster prior to giving birth will now have to pay up to $200 after NSW Health scrapped its free vaccination program.

New mothers will still get the vaccine for free if they give birth in public hospitals.

"If the medical experts believe it is more effective to vaccinate mothers against pertussis before birth, it makes no sense to only make it free after birth," said opposition leader John Robertson.

He said women could be forced to pay up to $200 for the vaccine and GP appointments if they couldn't find a doctor who bulk-billed. 

By refusing to provide the vaccination for free the O'Farrell government was making it harder for new mums to follow best practice medical advice, he added. 

"This defies logic and the premier and health minister need to clear up the confusion.

"We should be making it as easy as possible for expectant mothers to get vaccinated against whooping cough."