Nurofen manufacturer ordered to withdraw ads

The TGA's Complaints Resolution Panel (CRP) ordered the company to change its advertising claims in 2011 following a complaint that its marketing implied different Nurofen-branded products targeted the site of pain even though they all contained the same active ingredient, ibuprofen.

A subsequent TGA ruling allowed the advertisements to continue with some wording changes.

But last year La Trobe University adjunct associate professor Ken Harvey lodged a fresh complaint with the CRP claiming Nurofen ads breached the TGA ruling. 

Dr Harvey complained Nurofen ads online showed people preparing for physical activity and rubbing areas that appeared to be experiencing pain such as the neck, forehead and lower back with the words “you know exactly where you need it”.

The areas depicted as painful were highlighted with a red animated dot which “pulsated” as the voiceover said the product could “act at the site of