Nurse who gave ‘junkie’ syringes not fit to practise

The NSW Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal made the finding against Andrew Stuart Simonsen, after a complaint about his actions during a shift at a NSW south coast aged care facility in July 2011 led to a wide-ranging complaint about his fitness to practise nursing.

During that evening shift, Mr Simonsen, who was in charge, let his friend, whom he described as a “junkie”, into the facility and gave the friend two clean syringes to “shoot up”, the tribunal said.

Also during that shift, the tribunal said, Mr Simonsen took and self-administered morphine. Mr Simonsen had claimed he was verbally told a patient would need the drug but, after drawing up two vials of the drug, saw the patient had no written order for the drug and returned it.

But the tribunal said Mr Simonsen’s evidence “lacked credibility” and found proven that he asked a nursing assistant to sign the drug register to say he had returned the morphine