‘Nuzzling breast’ GP guilty of misconduct

The tribunal found Dr Mohammed Naiyer guilty of two counts of unsatisfactory professional conduct for incidents involving two female patients on separate occasions in 2011.

The first complainant, a 25-year-old patient known only as Patient A, attended the operating room at the medical centre where Dr Naiyer worked for the removal of a mole from her buttock. The procedure was attended by a practice nurse, but following the procedure Dr Naiyer invited the patient into his office to examine a mole on her right breast that the patient had previously expressed concern about.

In her statement to the tribunal, Patient A said that as Dr Naiyer examined the mole using a dermascope she could feel his head moving in a circular motion over the top of her breast. 

“When I looked down I recall seeing the white of [the respondent’s] eyes and observed his mouth brushing or nuzzling my breast,” Patient A said.

Patient A also recalled