NZ anger as church claims Jesus cures cancer

Pastor Lyle Penisula of Equippers Church, which has about 150 members, told Campbell Live the sign was put up to offer hope to those who are suffering.

"We've seen Jesus heal people from sicknesses and we thought that since cancer is a big deal in our world today... we wanted to broadcast the very fact that Jesus can heal cancer.

"A lady we have healed had breast cancer and another man who has thyroid cancer, he was healed and we've had a young boy who had leukaemia who was healed."

Mr Penisula said those who had been healed were still taking medication for their illnesses.

The billboard has sparked outrage from Taradale resident Jody Condin whose three-year-old son has leukaemia.

"I was just disgusted [when I saw the sign]," she told Campbell Live.

"I just couldn't believe it, it's just shocking. I couldn't believe they could make those claims out of nowhere."

Mrs Condin has