Obesity drug combo results encouraging

A CONTROLLED-release combination of phentermine and topiramate appears to be superior to other pharmacological weight loss therapies in obese patients with comorbidity, researchers say.

A total 2487 patients participated in a 56-week phase three trial of overweight or obese patients aged 18–70 years with a BMI of 27–45 kg/m² plus two or more comorbidities.

They were randomly assigned to phentermine 7.5 mg plus topiramate 46.0 mg, or phentermine 15.0 mg plus topiramate 92.0 mg, or placebo.

At 56 weeks, change in body weight was −1.4 kg for the placebo group, −8.1 kg for the low-dose group and −10.2 kg for the high-dose group.

This compared favourably with existing and emerging weight loss drugs, including ­orlistat, lorcaserin and naltrexone plus bupropion, they said. 

The combination therapy had a dose-response relationship with depression and anxiety, and other side-effects including