Oh dear: Doctors advised to stop calling patients 'love'

Medical staff in Ireland are being asked to use patients' names instead of procedure or pet monikers

The days of referring to the “hip in bed nine” could be over for Irish doctors and nurses, along with calling patients pet names such as 'love', 'dear', 'girls', 'lads' or 'boys'.

In a bid to make communication more “person-centred”, medical staff have reportedly been asked to use a patient's name, rather than their bed number, diagnosis, affected body area or colloquial moniker.

Ireland’s state health services provider, the Health Service Executive (HSE), has issued its advice in response to a national patient experience survey, according to the Guardian.

The HSE report said staff communication skills could have a profound impact on healthcare outcomes, and the experience of patients and their families.

It was important staff used “person-centred” language, as working in healthcare could lead to burnout, and less compassion and empathy for patients.

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