Older night owls at greater risk of increased weight

Over-60s with prediabetes need to hit the hay earlier, study finds

The over-60s with prediabetes need to hit the hay earlier to keep their weight under control, while younger patients need to skip the weekend sleep-in, according to new research.

The findings suggest “sleep extension” should be explored as an adjunct to diet and exercise in reducing diabetes risk, the authors say. 

The study found that in older people, an increased BMI was directly linked to being a night owl, and partly due to not having enough sleep, the study of 2133 patients with prediabetes found.

However, among the under-60s, the difference in sleep patterns between work days and free days — known as social jet lag — was the predominant predictor of increased BMI.

The results provided further evidence that circadian regulation impacted BMI while adequate sleep aided weight loss, the researchers reported in Frontiers in