Older people skipping meds due to rising cost

A survey of 3188 people carried out by lobby group National Seniors Australia found 21% of Australians aged 50 to 64 are skipping doses to counter mounting costs.

Of those aged over 65, 12% are skipping doses, the findings showed.

National Seniors CEO Michael O'Neill said the extent to which baby boomers were doing without could see access to affordable medication become an election issue.

The survey's findings are to be presented at a Medicines Australia conference in Sydney on Wednesday.

Previous National Seniors research showed that rising living costs mostly hurt the over-70s who, without the benefit of superannuation, survive on small fixed incomes.

But Mr O'Neill said the latest findings suggested it was 50- to 64-year-olds who were struggling with the costs of prescription medicines.

He said the findings confirmed the vital role social security cards such as the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and the