One dog good, two dogs better for asthma

Kids from families with pairs of puppies have even lower risk

Children shouldn’t get a puppy for Christmas — they should get two, based on Swedish research that found kids raised in a home with more than one dog have a lower risk of asthma than those with just one pooch.

Kids growing up with two or more dogs had a 21% lower risk of asthma than those whose family had just one dog, the observational study of more than 23,000 children suggests.

Female dogs appear to be the safest bet, according to the Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University researchers.

Kids raised with female dogs had a 16% lower risk of asthma than those raised with male dogs, perhaps because males express more of an allergen if not desexed, they wrote in Scientific Reports.

“In conclusion, we found evidence of an association between the sex of dog and the number of dogs with a lower risk of childhood asthma in dog-exposed children,” they said.

The main analysis involved