One patient, one GP

This is how it would be done:

The patient would choose their ‘Primary General Practice’. Visits to this practice would be rebated at 100% Medicare rate. If the patient visited another practice visits would be rebated at 50%.

The exception would be the after-hours emergency visit item number, enabling after-hours emergency GP services to be properly rewarded for seeing any patient (e.g. after-hours home-visiting services).

This would save the healthcare dollar:

a) in duplicated testing — both pathology and x-rays — (many GPs do not have the time to phone for tests ordered by other doctors but just repeat them, and in reducing the temptation of excess referral to vertically integrated allied health owned in larger practices and corporates).

b) in good care of chronic illness which is a huge burden on the economy — (evidence shows care by one health-care provider improves outcomes).

c) less