Online CBT helps insomnia patients

Positive effects were seen 'around the clock'

Online CBT can improve sleep quality in patients with insomnia in as little as four weeks, researchers say.

A team of international sleep physicians, including specialists from the Woolcock Institute in Sydney, have evaluated a 12-week course of 1700 patients.

Half received usual care and sleep hygiene education while the other half completed up to six sessions of online CBT. 

Eighty per cent of the CBT group logged on for at least one session, and nearly half completed all six sessions. 

Eight weeks after starting CBT, the mediation effects were substantial, the researchers say, with the participants reporting a 51% improvement in functional health, 47% in wellbeing and 46% for sleep-related quality of life. 

The authors say it is the first large-scale study demonstrating a causal link between CBT and reduced insomnia symptoms. 

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