Online games an addictive 'tragedy', says psychiatrist

Epic battle over whether gaming is a mental health issue or a family one

Bad parenting or a gaming addiction?

The stories of two teenage boys who barely leave their rooms, hardly attend school, have been violent towards their parents and have stolen to buy gaming video credits aired recently on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes

Fortnite was the game of choice, with Sydney psychiatrist Dr Tanveer Ahmed describing the effect of gaming on developing brains as an addiction and a tragedy.

“In psychological terms, this is an emergency,” Dr Ahmed told 60 Minutes.

Twitter, however, had a different viewpoint, attacking both sets of parents for allowing the two boys, aged 13 and 14, seemingly unfettered access to a controller and the internet to play online games. 

The recent decision by the WHO to dub gaming addiction a mental health disorder divided experts internationally, with at least one Australian researcher suggesting