Online video to promote HPV vaccine

The schools-based program of vaccination with Gardasil (CSL) was introduced five years ago for girls aged 12 to 13.

Research by the HPV Register shows that only 73% of girls nationwide, and 76% in Victoria, have had all three doses.

Cancer Council Victoria cancer screening programs manager Kate Broun said an online video aimed at teenage girls had been developed to encourage greater participation in the program.

Girls were not having the full dose because of barriers including pain, fear of needles and lack of understanding about the purpose of the vaccine, she said.

“Taking all three doses of the HPV vaccine is the best step young teenage girls can take to reduce their risk of cervical cancer,” Ms Broun said.

Research showed that since 2007 when the HPV immunisation program started, the number of girls under the age of 18 years with high-grade abnormal precancerous cervical cells has halved.