Overdose killed WA health workers: coroner

Hayley Fisher, 27, died in December 2009 after injecting the powerful painkiller fentanyl while at work at King Edward Memorial Hospital. She was found dead in a hospital toilet.

In June 2010, 39-year-old Craig Doherty, a nurse at Royal Perth Hospital, was discovered at his unit after injecting a fatal dose of the sedative propofol.

Coroner Barry King recommended on Thursday that hospitals restrict unauthorised use of propofol and suggested a review of how access to pain medication is controlled.

He said propofol and other drugs were readily available to Mr Doherty in his role as a clinical theatre nurse.

It was kept at the hospital with other drugs in unlocked cupboards in the central preparation area and in a trolley in each theatre.

"It appears that hospitals do not monitor the amounts of propofol used," Mr King said.

He added that although Mr Doherty had a history of medical issues such as epilepsy and depression