Overhaul: GPs want registration changes for non-clinical work

AHPRA’s review of the definition of practice misses the point, according to experts, who have urged the Medical Board of Australia to overhaul registration categories so senior GPs can work more easily in non-clinical roles.

The agency last week released a discussion paper on the definition, which is consistent across the 10 national boards, amid concerns it was forcing doctors in non-clinical roles to maintain full registration.

“We want to hear from any practitioner who feels there have been unintended consequences of the definition, which is currently quite broad,” an MBA spokesperson said.

But Medical Deans Australia New Zealand president Professor Justin Beilby said the variety of roles occupied by former GPs was too great to capture without a broad definition.

“I think the solution may reside in more [registration] categories,” Professor Beilby said.

“There needs to be consideration of a