Parents confront PM on NDIS delay

Ms Gillard faced angry parents and carers of disabled people at a recent fiery question-and-answer session in Sydney where she explained her government’s progress on the scheme.

Maree Buckwater, mother of a 25-year-old disabled son, demanded to know why the insurance scheme could not be brought in sooner than the government’s plan of mid-2013.

“There has been study, after study, after study. 

“How much more do you have to study before you invest in the future of our children?” she asked the prime minister at the Family Resource and Network Support centre in North Croydon.

Ms Gillard told reporters she understood the frustrations of parents and carers.

“It’s not going to be built overnight,” Ms Gillard explained. 

“It’s going to be a change as big as Medicare.”

Ms Gillard said the scheme would offer extra financial support for