Partnership plan to take on preventable illness

Newly appointed ANPHA CEO Louise Sylvan said her first task as CEO was to bring government and researchers closer to the front lines of primary care because relying on “translating” data was less effective in preventive health than in other areas of healthcare.

Ms Sylvan said MLs, all 62 of which are set to be operational by mid-2012, were the best way to connect the various levels of her strategy, telling 1000 delegates that forming a partnership with MLs was “absolutely on our agenda”.

“We want to be working alongside the Medicare Locals around developing those plans,” she said. “We want to see [preventive health campaigns] become a Medicare Locals tool.”

She added that many preventive health programs worked without waiting first for evidence, and, referring to new programs, called MLs a “great place where flowers can bloom”.

Ms Sylvan, a former productivity commissioner, said