Pass the shaker - salt's health reputation is improving

For those without heart disease sodium may not increase cardiovascular events risk, shows a trial of 96,000 adults

Moderate consumption of sodium may not increase the risk of cardiovascular events in people without heart disease, a 21-country study suggests.

WHO recommends a limit of 2g of sodium daily — the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt - to prevent heart disease.

However, when US researchers tracked nearly 96,000 adults without heart disease for an average of eight years they found that even when people consumed more than double that amount they didn't have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke or death.

The exception was in China where in 80% of communities the average sodium intake was nearly three times the 2g limit.

Consuming that much was linked to a small increased stroke risk, the researchers reported in the Lancet.

"In the study of 255 communities around the world on five continents, we found that sodium is not associated with