Passing on the importance of good mentoring

DR HEATHER Brand learned the importance of mentoring during her time as a both a prevocational doctor and as a registrar. Her subsequent commitment to passing on the knowledge she gained has earned her a nomination for the GPET/MO Registrar of the Year Award.

Dr Brand is a GP registrar at Currambine Family Practice, just north of Perth, and said it was her experience in the prevocational general practice placement program (PGPPP) that changed her mind about her future career.

“I hadn’t planned on doing general practice, but I enjoyed the placement so much I applied for further training,” she said. “This practice takes medical students, prevocational placements and registrars, and there is an emphasis on everybody helping the people junior to them.”

That philosophy is something Dr Brand is keen to take with her when she receives her fellowship early next year.

“I really want to make teaching part of my