Patel operation 'not unreasonable': court

Patel is on trial at the District Court in Brisbane charged with unnecessarily removing the bowel and rectum of Bundaberg man Ian Vowles in 2004.

Mr Vowles, 66, needs a colostomy bag and suffers general health problems including fatigue and impotence, according to prosecutors.

Patel’s barrister Ken Fleming, QC, told the court during his opening address yesterday that Mr Vowles, a former cabinet maker, had a history of colon cancer when Patel decided to operate on a pre-cancerous growth.

Mr Vowles had already undergone two operations to remove aggressive cancers, including one carried out by Patel, Mr Fleming said.

“This man didn’t have a healthy colon at all,” he told the court.

The barrister said when a new polyp was detected, Patel “not unreasonably” diagnosed familial cancer and determined the best way to treat it was to remove Mr Vowles’ bowel.

“In a technical sense,