Patel surgery ‘ensured cancer-free future’

Patel is on trial accused of unnecessarily removing the large bowel and rectum of then 57-year-old Bundaberg man Ian Vowles in 2004.

Prosecutors say the operation to treat a benign tumour on the wall of Mr Vowles’ rectum was unnecessary and has left him with ongoing health problems.

But the Brisbane District Court yesterday heard Patel was the first to correctly diagnose Mr Vowles with an inherited syndrome that greatly increased his risk of cancer.

Under cross-examination by Patel’s barrister, Bundaberg Base Hospital surgeon Dr Sanjeeva Kariyawasam agreed the operation Patel carried out was the only one that would ensure a cancer-free future.

Dr Kariyawasam agreed Mr Vowles had the genetic condition Lynch syndrome and benign tumours on glands in people with it are eight times more likely to turn malignant than in an average person.

Patel’s barrister Ken Fleming, QC, said Mr Vowles’ mother had died from