Patients fast-tracked for rare cancer surgery

Nicole Perko's battle to get a peritonectomy garnered more than 76,000 signatures in an online petition and gained the support of celebrities including Russell Crowe, Charlotte Dawson and Jennifer Hawkins.

Following days of pressure in parliament, NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner announced on Thursday that peritonectomy surgery will now be undertaken at two Sydney hospitals – St George and soon the Prince of Wales.

Six category-one patients who have been waiting for the surgery will undergo the operation between 4 November and 11 December.

It will be up to the hospitals to decide which patients are operated on, but Ms Perko said she was "absolutely thrilled".

"I'm so proud of the people power and I thank everyone who signed the petition and supported this campaign," she told Fairfax Radio.

"I hope this just takes the stress and pressure off all the 40 families that are waiting on this list."